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financial literacy

What is Financial Literacy and Transform your Financial Strategy

What is Financial literacy? It is a set of skills and knowledge that allows you to make informed decisions about your money and how you use your resources effectively. It is a valuable skill in any adult’s life and is essential for a healthy financial future. Developing financial literacy can be challenging, but you can…

small bus tax
Tax strategies

Amazing Small Business Tax Deductions

What Are Some Small Business Tax Deductions? While there are many business tax deductions, most of them are overlooked. The IRS allows some write-offs for various expenses incurred by the business. The costs associated with advertising are 100 percent deductible, for example. These expenses include creating a logo, hiring someone to design it, launching a…

taxes on cryptocurrency
Tax strategies

How are cryptocurrencies taxed?

How are cryptocurrencies taxed? Do I pay taxes on cryptocurrency? We receive this common question, and it’s essential to understand its rules. Unlike traditional securities, cryptocurrencies are considered property by the IRS. You must report transactions in US dollars and determine the fair market value on the day of the transaction. These include the timeframe…